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The tyranny of icon design

I’m not a designer. Design is a very ‘specific set of skills’ that are a balance of taste, experience, education and environment. Like any skill you need the ‘10,000’ hours to be an expert at it. ...

Upside-down Lists

Carrying on from the Noot development thread we have started, one of things that I wanted to try was for new notes appear at the bottom of the list in the same way that the Messages app has it’s en...

The Latest App Idea

I often have ideas for applications, features I want to implement in my jobby-job application, things I want to watch/read, links I come across and a whole host of other small speech bubbles that p...

Failed goals of 2022

At the beginning of 2022 I made the risky decision to create a list of goals for the year that would hopefully push me forwards a bit on the road to becoming an indy. Here’s a screenshot: The i...

Required First Post

Hello, I may or may not post some stuff here. But if I do it’ll mostly be about coding or tech. I reserve the right to abandon this blog at any time. –MrB

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